EXTROVERTS: You Gotta Lose: 7”

Feb 06, 2020

A while back I reviewed a 7” and a CD by a band from Regina, Saskatchewan called Extroverts. In both of those cases, they recorded new music based upon original lyrics that they had written back during their original run (1977-1982). It was great and had me longing to hear the one 7” that they recorded back then. A few still existed, but would come at a high price if found at all… Until now. Extroverts’ You Gotta Lose 7” has now been given the Supreme Echo treatment and is available for all to bask in its prairie punk glory. This record is so damn good. In a perfect world, their name should be said in the same breath as Buzzcocks and Pointed Sticks. Eight beautifully remastered songs with a vibrant sleeve and booklet outlining the band’s history. Recorded in 1979 and still sounds so fresh. Don’t sleep on this one. –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo, supremeecho.bandcamp.com )