Nov 29, 2016

This could be the great Canadian redemption story that we all pass down to our grandchildren on cold winter nights. Extroverts were one of (if not the) first punk rock bands in Regina, Saskatchewan back in 1979. Within the course of a few years, they would eke out a 7”, play some shows, and disappear into the prairie snowdrifts of time (and into the dreams of very specific types of record collectors). Fast forward some thirty-seven years later. The guys are still around Regina and decide to get together to open for the ever-retiring DOA. They have a blast and decide to start jamming regularly. Singer Brent Caron discovers a lyric book from the old days that they never got around to using. The boys write songs around those vintage words, and here we are. If the story alone isn’t amazing enough, the resulting album kicks all kinds of ass! It’s snotty punk rock of the highest order. These guys somehow influenced the likes of The Briefs and Duane Peters without even existing for more than a nanosecond! I suggest you track them down and witness firsthand as these old punks take their rightful place along with the rest of our maple-stained punk legends. –Ty Stranglehold (Self-released, theextroverts.com)