EXTERNAL MENACE: The Process of Elimination: LP

Nov 29, 2016

Glasgow’s External Menace formed in 1979, but was largely forgotten until they reformed at the peak of the 1990s fashion punk revival. At that time, their early material was reissued, along with new recordings. Originally released in the late 1990s on CD in France and on vinyl in Germany, The Process of Elimination LP is finally getting the stateside edition it deserves. Very much in line with the global punk resurgence of its time, The Process of Elimination sounds like a lot of other spikey records from its era, but with a slightly older, learned bent. External Menace isn’t one of those bands only interesting from a historical perspective. They’re as vital as better-known counterparts, even if they seemingly slipped through the cracks. Hopefully this third wave of interest will finally make them the punk household name they ought to be. –Art Ettinger (Loud