EXIL: Warning: LP

Sep 16, 2021

A new band from Sweden, where manic hardcore could be argued to have its spiritual home. With members who have done time in DS-13, AC4, and U.X. Vileheads to name but a few, one would be right to expect raging hardcore from this quartet, and that’s exactly what’s served up here. The opening chord which heralds the arrival of the first track sounds spectacularly evil and ominous before “Warning” hits full speed with thunderous drums and big riffs. Across the ten tracks vocalist TB shreds his throat as the furious cacophony swirls around his efforts, but listen closely and there are the occasional moments of melody hidden within the bombardment. It’s not purely a Scandinavian sound, as it also has a USHC edge to it too. Exil delivers an aural battering and it’s one I am happy to be on the receiving end of. This is an excellent record! –Rich Cocksedge (Armageddon, [email protected], armageddonshop.com)

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