EXHIBIT 18: WHEN ARROWS MEET, $5, 6” x 9”, glossy color, 29 pgs.

Mar 10, 2023

Nick Canterucci is a Memphis-based artist and this zine is a companion piece designed to go along with his February exhibit at the Medicine Factory in the aforementioned city. There’s a nice introduction by Claire Moore-Avalon and then concise descriptions by the artist accompanying all of the paintings in the exhibit. In this format I generally prefer all the text up front and then unadorned pictures of the art to encourage them to breathe and speak on their own, but I found Canterucci’s impressionistic blurbs tended to add to the art, as opposed to detracting. As for the art itself, it’s an interesting amalgam of post-modernism and the bright, primary colors of Paul Gauguin. Definitely worth checking out. –Justin Bookworm (Loafing The Donkey, [email protected])

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