EXHIBIT 17: TELEKINESIS, 6” x 9,” printed, 36 pgs.

May 24, 2022

A thirty-six-page, full-color booklet intended to accompany the long-delayed seventeenth solo exhibit by artist Nick Canterucci, Exhibit 17: Telekinesis, is brimming with vibrant original works. Specifically, these are paintings that Canterucci has steadfastly, painstakingly created for an exhibit originally scheduled for 2017. However, a series of personal health issues and then the COVID-19 pandemic postponed their debut, which Canterucci hopes will be mid-2022. Until then, those interested in checking out the range and depth of Canterucci’s talent can flip through this booklet, edited by William S. Paley and with a foreword by Farraday Newsome, an artist, writer, and colleague of Canterucci based out of Mesa, Ariz. With such attention-grabbing titles such “Jimi Plays Maui,” “The Dick Junkies,” “Jazz Noise,” and “Stop Socialism,” the twenty paintings on display in this booklet will surely start conversation and perhaps entice collectors. –Gina Murrell (Nick Canterucci, [email protected])

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