May 23, 2018

I’m really in love with the tape renaissance in DIY punk right now and this ExEquals (stylized x=) tape is just one example why. A compilation of remastered songs from 2012-2017, the Symbols cassette has a stapled-in lyrics sheet, great jacket, and is held together with little Velcro knobs that were for sure put on painstakingly one-by-one. Just like the songs on here, it’s pure old school punk aesthetic and practice. It’s surprising to me that this is a compilation of songs from across a five-year period, because the songs are really related. They aren’t the same thing over and over, but they’re all in that same super classic vein. Political disillusion combined with general disregard, most of the songs are under two minutes of straightforward riffs being played as fast as they can. Pure ‘80s style punk after it crossed the pond. If you gave this tape to a thirteen year old, it would probably help them do some damage. –Theresa W. (Self-released)