EXEDO: Demo 2020: Digital album

May 28, 2020

Over the course of a decade, Chicago’s Daylight Robbery developed from sharp post-punk to urgent death rock. Exedo is Christine and Dave Wolf from Daylight Robbery’s new band, and they pick up where their old band left off, playing dark punk with haunting female vocals and slashing, reverby guitars. The big change is that Christine has switched from bass to keys, adding a thick, ominous hum to the songs and leaving room for a tight, crunchy rhythm section. There are four songs here and I like ’em all. Highlights include the guitar and keys break in “Lone Boot” and “Victim of Convenience”’s sophisticated melodies. The music’s gothy but not mopey, with strong pop undercurrents, like if The Bangles got possessed by ghosts in the desert. –Chris Terry (Exedo, exedochicago.bandcamp.com)