EXBATS, THE: Now Where Were We: LP

Mar 15, 2022

At first pass I was like, “Oh, the Go-Go’s and The Bangles.” Like those two aforementioned bands, The Exbats have an early-’60s girl pop sound as their core, but as the album progresses they build on that sound with some country influences, psych, and rock. They reference the Monkees in the lyrics for “Hey New Zealand” (which is also one of the best tracks on here), and name drop Jan and Dean in “Ghosts in the Record Store” (more fuzz guitar in the future please). Hand claps, group choruses, and some of the cleverest lyrics I’ve heard in a while, just check out “I Don’t Trust Myself around Jesus.” A fun and great listen. I’m a fan. –Matt Average (Goner, goner-records.com)