Jan 26, 2021

I thought we were done with the Douchemaster/Goner weird punk but apparently it’s alive and well in Leipzig, Germany. Lassie is up first with three songs of molly-fueled chaos accentuated by Lumpy Records-esque new wave-y coed vocals. Ex White’s approach is more in the vein of down-and-dirty garage punk much like the ill-fated Sneaky Pinks. Ten years ago these two bands would have flown out here, toured the U.S. and have been met everywhere with praise, stinky hugs, and tall cans of PBR. It could also be that I’m the only one who’s jaded. After all, just thinking about these two bands’ energy on a stage makes me want to go to bed early. –Juan Espinosa (Phantom, phantomrecords.bandcamp.com)