Everything Is Not OK: DVD

Dec 13, 2018

If I get anything from this video, it’s that Everything Is Not OK Fest in Oklahoma City has to be a fucking riot. However, I’m not the audience for this. I know shittily-recorded, live shows are inseparable from punk rock, but my patience for them completely dissolved way back when I got my first car and could travel from my shitty town to see bands myself. That said, there’s probably not a lot to see here for someone who didn’t attend this fest in 2018. With a single song per band, you don’t get to watch a full set of a band you like—gauging the recording’s value against your sheer love of their music. Instead, it’s a jarring mess of good bands with bad sound quality, bad bands with bad sound quality, and okay bands with bad sound quality. If you were there, you’d get excited, thinking stuff like, there I am!, I remember this!, or maybe, I had memorable but unremarkable sex with that person! I don’t fucking know! Anyway, there were a ton of bands on this DVD, some I liked more than others, but that’s irrelevant, saying more about how well their songs translated to the muddy recordings (I haven’t heard of any of these bands), so I’ll just mention a few, arbitrarily: Xen Wolf, Bad Example, Tamagotchi Teenage Dirtbag, Blystex, BAUS, and Natural Man. –Craven Rock (Big Plan Pictures)