EVEN IN BLACKOUTS: The Princess Foretold by Her Henchmen, Even: LP

Sep 26, 2018

While not being referred to directly by the label or band, this collection serves as a “Greatest Hits,” if you will, for the sporadically active Even In Blackouts, which, of course, is John “Jughead” Pearson’s brainchild of acoustic punk he formed after Screeching Weasel’s third breakup. Since Even In Blackouts has reformed and a majority of the older records are way out of print, it’s only fitting to have something available that spans their entire catalog. I never heard the later two full lengths, but I had the first pair, after seeing them live in Germany in 2005. Fittingly enough, I saw them again this summer in Italy, thirteen whole years later, and, shockingly, not much has changed. Lizzie’s voice is still the crux of the band, with her sharp and uniquely pronounced vocal style. This collection is a perfect offering of what the band’s like, which isn’t typical cheesy bar acoustic rock tripe. Gone are the Screeching Weasel covers from the first CD, but there isn’t really a need to focus on those anymore. What the band does is truly something genuine—and enjoyably—unique. –Steve Adamyk (Stardumb, stardumbrecords.com)