Aug 01, 2019

The cobwebs have been dusted off of John “Jughead” Pearson’s post-Screeching Weasel band Even In Blackouts. While they’ve been kicking it around live for the last couple of years (not to mention, the reissue of older material), this is the first offering of new songs in over a decade. I was lucky enough to catch them live in Europe over the summer, which is funny, mostly because the last time I saw them in the flesh was also in Europe, back in 2005. It’s shocking how little has changed in the last chunk of years for them. What sets Romantico! aside from the rest of their releases is that things have been noticeably turned up. While styled as a very dynamic, acoustic-based LP, there’s a lot of full band rock here with loud, fuzzed-out guitars and wild drumming. You won’t find a track like “Grow Hole” on their former releases. If you’ve been curious about the band, this is a good place to start. –Steve Adamyk (Stardumb, stardumbrecords.com)

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