EUPHORIA: Operation: Genesis: CD

Jan 18, 2017

Oh my! I’m not sure what I exactly expected, given the CD’s packaging and song titles, but what I got was a disc piled high with some seriously tasty thrash metal coupled with a more modern vocal delivery and lyrical content. At times, the vocals remind me of Dimmu Borgir’s Shagrath but with the added range of a maniacally piercing shriek. Double-bass drumming is in full effect along with some (thankfully) not over-the-top, dual guitar melodicism. Song themes are of the future apocalypse variety and have a progressive feel that remind me of Voivod at times; if not in content but spirit. Speaking of spirit, what really carries this CD is the obvious love these guys have for the music they’re playing. Their playing is coming from the heart and it really shows, making the proceedings shine bright. Totally recommended if you are a fan of thrash metal. –Garrett Barnwell (Self-released,