ESTABLISHMENT: Vicious Rumours: LP

Sep 26, 2018

I volunteered at a public radio station for several years and somehow never got tired of looking at one-sheets. How bands present themselves is fascinating to me. A cardinal rule of press sheets is comparing yourself to an iconic a band like The Clash. I recognize there is competent music I just don’t care for that someone else might enjoy, but my negativity gland throbs when I receive an album that has too much information in it. Here, The Establishment claims to be for people into “oldies,” among those listed are Poison Idea. If there’s one thing I can tell you about this record, this album is not a slam-dunk for those who like Poison Idea. The singer has a good voice, but his timbre doesn’t change much from an oi!-based dictation sensibility that follows the album, no matter what the song sounds like. It’s not a terrible album, but it’s pretty repetitive and does not remind me of “Blitz meets Misfits meets The Cure.” As if that’s something you’d want to hear in the first place. –Billups Allen (Aggrobeat,