Aug 16, 2017

I read recently the state of Wyoming has only two escalators in the whole state. So, certainly, if The Escalator Haters play in the U.S., look out for their Wyoming shows. The Escalator Haters self-titled album is a nice slab reminiscent of ‘70s U.K. punk. They sound a bit like the U.K. band Raped, which can’t be a coincidence unless “escalator hater” is a more common expression than I know. The band’s U.K.-style catchiness comes across correctly and continues to sing the punk fight on “T.V. Dummy.” Here they play well and complain about things. The vocals are upbeat snottiness in the vein of The Undertones. The album continues in the U.K. vein with occasional spurts of punk’n’roll influence. Nice record. –Billups Allen (Wanda,