ERIK NERVOUS: Assorted Anxieties: LP

Mar 20, 2018

Again, I have to hand it to Juice Man over at Drunken Sailor for keeping me neck deep in amazing music that I had never heard before. I can’t find much info on Erik, but I can tell you that he records some great-sounding basement trash punk. I think he records everything himself and gets a backing band to play with him for shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved with the dudes who do Coneheads and Liquids somehow. The music has the same kind of vibe, but channelled through the U.K. circa ‘79 or ’80. This LP collects all of Erik’s early singles and tapes. It is coming out in the U.S. on Neck Chop as well. I am a fan. If the above jumble of words made any sense to you, you’ll probably be a fan too. –Ty Stranglehold (Drunken Sailor,