ERIK CORE: Last Call: LP

Mar 27, 2020

This punk trio is comprised of bass, drums, and acoustic guitar. This album is very competently performed. It does not sound like a combination of Violent Femmes and Motörhead, as suggested on bandcamp. I only mention this to help discourage bands from trying to capitalize on these ludicrous comparisons. A Violent Femmes fan picking this up blindly might be into this. A Motörhead fan likely not. But I get what’s being said. The album moves at the pace of furious strum. The drums maintain excellent fifth gear rockabilly beats. I don’t mind it per se, but it gets old. The nuance and novelty of an acoustic guitar runs thin quickly. There are roots themes in the lyrics, but they are somewhat sophomoric. The overall sound of the band is creative in that I’ve never heard acoustic music played like this before, so I’m sure this band has a place in the acoustic punk community. I don’t know the acoustic punk scene, but for someone who really digs all avenues of the acoustic experience, it’s a fine album. It’s just not my thing. –Billups Allen (Acousticore)