ERICA ROSE:Self-titled: 12” EP

Jan 24, 2024

I was excited to see that Erica Rose is Washington-based. I love finding stuff from the region I live in, not only because it means a better chance of seeing them live but also because I just believe that regions give rise to certain sounds because of the weather, the climate, the culture; all the things that make us different in those spaces. And this EP feels super Washington to me. It’s kind of ethereal (like the fog or mist that we get a lot this time of year) but also has a hint of country, something that makes you remember that just because there’s a city there, it doesn’t mean everything or everyone is all about that city. This is super chill music. It feels perfect for autumn if you ask me. It’s acoustic guitar-forward with an emphasis on lyricism and atmosphere. Gonna keep an eye on this one for sure. –Theresa W. (No Front Teeth)

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