ERICA FREAS: Patient Ones: LP

Jan 18, 2017

In the effort of full disclosure: I would follow Erica into the most perilous of situations if she asked me to. I trust her. Keeping that in mind, listening to and appreciating her music feels like a miniscule act of dedication compared to what I’m ready to put on the line. With a resilient and comforting voice that’s attached to an equally unwavering and determined conscience, these are epic examples of how the pain and fear in this world can be approached and presented in a way that makes it all a little better. This isn’t just RVIVR unplugged; it’s bare, it’s bedrock, it’s what you find in dreaming. It’s a life lived by example and the sounds that transpire from such actions. Inspiring. –Daryl (Rumbletowne / Don Giovanni)