ERGOT ARGOT #1: ON THE FEMALE GAZE, 5½” x 8½”, 24 pgs.

This debut is largely focused on the female gaze, as the title might suggest, and is quite informative, providing a theoretical framework, a number of sources, and a fairly detailed analysis of the male gaze and later resistant gaze theories. Ergot Argot contains good mix of pop culture and critical analysis, with plenty of images (which look to be cut-and-pasted, something I am partial towards) and mostly typewritten (something I am also partial towards), this is a very well-put together debut. I’m also a fan of DIY/zine writing that takes a more critical/theoretical approach—more of this always! I’ll be excited to see what Ergot Argot #2 tackles. –jimmy cooper (Clara Mars, 435 18th St Vera Beach, FL 32960, [email protected], twitter @ergoargotmusic, instagram @clara_mars)