EPHS: No Riots: CS

Mar 27, 2020

Cassettes are a crappy format. They’re cumbersome, they’re all plastic-y, there are lots of dinky moving parts involved, they’re hissy, they fade, they deteriorate, the tape can snap and tangle, and they make it annoying to try to play particular songs. That said, once in a blue moon, the sub-optimal acoustic profile of the cassette aligns perfectly with the aesthetics of the musical arteestes capatured thereon, and this, amazingly, is such a time. EPHS’s “recorded at home” sensibilities are too clean and precise to be barfed up on vinyl and passed off as some happening teen “lo-fi” snot combo, and too earnestly earth-and-finance-bound to transition well to the digital realm. Thus, these six songs sound exactly right on cassette, and wouldn’t on any other format—an event rivaling the birth of a white buffalo in terms of sheer rarity. If you ever wanted to find out what the Gang Of Four would’ve sounded like as a KBD band in a basement in Pennsylvania, now’s your chance! BEST SONG: “No Riots.” BEST SONG TITLE: “ist-ist-ist.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If the hand-numbering is to be believed, my review copy constitutes five percent of all copies made, which means this is even rarer than the (Boy)Mouth cassette. –Rev. Nørb (ephs.bandcamp.com)