Enough., By Kurt Morris. 103 pgs.

May 25, 2021

One of the big rules of writing is show, don’t tell: use sensory details to make the reader feel part of a scene. In Enough, the second book by fellow RZC homie Kurt Morris, there’s precious little in the way of this kind of showing. Instead, Kurt tells the harrowing story of wrestling with depression from 2001 to 2011.

I think the directness of Kurt’s tale is one of Enough’s biggest strengths: through a lack of embellishment, he makes his story more visceral and impactful throughout, ultimately forging a connection with readers by going out on a limb and being honest. Talking so frankly about his depression and suicide attempts takes self-confidence and bravery. Kurt mixes blunt discussion of events with journal entries from his past, with the stated goal of “help(ing) others who may believe no one can understand” what depression and hospitalization are like. The lack of sensory details, too, emphasize the mental space Kurt was in during the incidents he describes, adding another layer to the narrative. –Michael T. Fournier (kurtmorris.net/enough)