ENCHANTERS: “Torture Chamber” b/w “Back Stabbers U.K.”: 7”

Jul 20, 2021

This is Enchanters second 7” single from 2020. A self-described “power trio” from Toronto, Canada, Enchanters are led by guitarist “Classy” Craig Daniels of the Leather Uppers, who teamed up with fellow scene veteran Ter of the City Sweethearts, on drums. The two brought in Derek B of Do Nothings on bass to round out the lineup. The spell Enchanters conjure on these two tracks are undeniable. The hooks are catchy, the trio’s vocals shine, and Daniels absolutely shreds on guitar. With shows returning, Enchanters are a band I want to experience working their magic live. –Paul J. Comeau (Transistor 66, transistor66.com, [email protected])

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