ENCHANTERS: High Heel Roller Skates: 7”

May 28, 2020

This EP showcases the Toronto trio Enchanters’ mixture of aggressive power pop with Brit rock-influenced garage punk. It’s full of fuzzy bass, wild guitar solos, and old school crooner vocals. I hear elements of The Damned and The Stooges but with the glam cranked up to eleven. “High Heel Roller Skates” offers a spirited, albeit superficial homage to essentially a fetish item. “Firetruck” presents a bit more story to the songwriting (and a rollicking bass line). The song suggests that the object of their affection is so hot they are literally on fire all the time and “guess what you’re outta luck. No firetruck is ever, ever showing up.” The mood is party and the presentation is glam AF, but I prefer my depictions of women without them endlessly burning alive. –Lorien Lamarr (Trophy)