EMPTY MARKETS: Stainless Steel: LP

Aug 25, 2016

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Empty Markets is noisy and energetic, but somehow restrained; there is a defiant logic to the chaos, like a less drone-y Lungfish or a more frenzied Nation Of Ulysses. Lead vocalist Drew Schmitz (bassist for the excellent Hex Dispensers) belts over his atonal riffs, while bassist Wendy Wright contributes full-bodied backing vocals. Drummer Jordan Rivell deserves a medal for making sense of the discordant riffs. I’m always impressed by three-pieces that sound just as full, if not more so, than most four- or five-piece bands. Ultimately, Empty Markets delivers addictive earfuls of genre-defying anti-melodies. –Sean Arenas (12XU, mailorder.wandarecords.de)