EMPTY HEADS: Normality: CS

Sep 20, 2017

This quick, dark, fuzzed-out four-song cassette from Calgary’s Empty Heads made me smile at how much I relate to the generally distended sense of being. Songs like “Peeled Back” feature lyrics like “My body hates me,” drawn out over something that is both melodious and dissonant. It feels just about right. From members of Vancouver’s Unfun, this cassette is completely in line with the other releases, reaching back to 2014’s Teerjearker. On this release, they’ve refined their combination of pop sensibility with the kind of raucous playing that makes me believe them when they say, “I’m not normal.” And they’re not, but this is also still super accessible and intensely listenable. Into it. –Theresa W. (Debt Offensive, debtoffensive.bigcartel.com )