May 25, 2021

Calling this “clean and jumpy neo-rockabilly from New Jersey that doesn’t seem terribly insistent on breaking a sweat” doesn’t seem like it would be all that well received (by anyone), but it’s the best I can do since they don’t really peg out the Party-O-Meter like the Zantees and they’re too rock’n’roll to merit Dead Milkmen comparisons. They kinda sound like what the Kung Fu Monkeys might sound like if they were playing a set of Robert Gordon songs for Halloween, but who’d believe that? Or maybe they sound more like if the Revillos got caught in a nuclear explosion and there wasn’t really much left except for Eugene’s skeleton, a motorbike, and the opening chords to “Yeah Yeah?” It’s something along those lines. They sing one song about Tight Black Pants Girls, one song about girls who wear Hot Rod Red Lipstick, and one song about their mom. That seems pretty well-grounded for New Jersey. BEST SONG: “Catalina” (not the Descendents song). BEST SONG TITLE: “Buzz-A-Rama,” which is… FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: …spelled differently than the album’s title, Buzz-O-Ramma. –Rev. Nørb (Rum Bar)

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