EL BANDA: Przejdzie Ci: LP

May 31, 2017

In 2006, El Banda, from Warsaw, Poland, released Przejdzie Ci, which—if Google translate is accurate—means “you will get over it.” Ten years later, Pasażer has reissued their debut, and the recently reformed group led a demonstration outside the Polish Parliament, protesting a proposed ban on abortion: El Banda still refuses to “get over it.” Resistance electrifies the album’s thirteen politically-charged songs, decrying the horrors of war, dehumanization, sexism, and urbanization: “Another skyscraper hurts the clouds.” Although nearly verging on crust, their music harnesses the fury of Harum-Scarum but mediates it with the polished execution of Refused. The melodic guitar riffs accentuate Ania Zajdel’s vitriolic vocals, and the propulsive drums never let up, leaving the listener exhausted. Whether it’s Poland or Donald Trump’s U.S., there’s a lot to be pissed about in 2017, and it’s galvanizing to know that El Banda is here to be a voice of dissent. –Sean Arenas (Pasażer, pasazer.pl)