EJECTOR SEATS, THE: Blueprint for a Miserable Existence: LP

Aug 01, 2019

Stranger than ever, Ejector Seats continue a long run of playing fast, noisy garage pop. Quietly prolific, they’re developing quite the repertoire. This new LP does not disappoint. As was the case with their prior records, the packaging is as beautiful and wild as the contents. The summer of 2019 marks my twentieth anniversary as a record reviewer, first at Punk Planet, and then at Razorcake. In two decades, I reviewed 1,232 records so far. This is the fifth Ejector Seats LP that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. The Ejector Seats are precisely the type of band that makes this process such an honor. Thanks for being a mainstay, Ejector Seats. You’re fucking great. –Art Ettinger (Collision Course)

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