EFFECTS, THE: Eyes to the Light: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Dischord has always been a label of ebbs and flows, of narrative threads followed from band to band. Since the late ‘90s, Devin Ocampo has been leaving a thick but unhyped strand in the label’s pastiche, first with art weirdoes Smart Went Crazy, then Faraquet and Medications (whose lone LP Completely Removed is one of my fave releases from the label—yeah, I said it). Now Ocampo’s at the helm of the Effects, who continue the incessant progression he’s charted through twenty years (!) of Dischord releases. Eyes to the Light is an intricate and cerebral record, with enough math for a freshman semester of Gen Eds. With that said, this isn’t a band counting to thirteen for the sake of it. Rather, The Effects pull off the trick of using mathy passages to form and accentuate melody throughout, skittering through as much as around, taking songs to sometimes unexpected places through similar means. Plus, you know, they kick serious ass. Awesome. –Michael T. Fournier (Dischord)