EERIE FAMILY: Self-titled: LP

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Alex Cuervo is a damn musical genius. I love absolutely everything I have heard from him (Hex Dispensers, Espectrostatic, This Damn Town) and Eerie Family is no exception. The project is a duo featuring Alex and his partner Alyse (who also played in HD and TDT). The music is haunting, not unlike Espectrostatic, but with more of a dream pop quality. Listening to this record is the auditory equivalent of being completely enveloped in a dark, warm mist. It is spooky and a little off putting but somehow comforting at the same time. While this was released some time ago digitally, the fine folks at Alien Snatch took on the task of putting it on vinyl with two additional unreleased tracks. I am sure glad they did as it is the perfect soundtrack to the unending rainy season. I love this and I bet most of you will too. –Ty Stranglehold (Alien Snatch)