EEPHUS: Gift Shark EP: CS

Nov 26, 2018

These guys put the “punk” back in pop punk. Their sound is raucous, anthemic, and biting. Eephus is tight, yet sloppy, in just the right ways. Guitar melodies are bright and kinda crunchy, if you know what I mean. Bass is low and heavy in the mix. Drums are consistently hard hitting. What pulls me in the most is the vocals. The lyrics are really belted out in a way that holds melody but pushes the limits of the singer to the point where they’re just about to crack. And the mix is balanced well, so nothing is completely overpowering. RIYL The Uranium Club, Hot Snakes, Matriarch. The name Eephus is a baseball term for a junk pitch that’s very low speed and is meant to be a total surprise to the batter. Beside the pacing, I think that definition is pretty spot on. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)