Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Pity Party

Feb 18, 2017

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This show fell on a very busy weekend for me and when Saturday night rolled around, I almost skipped it just to stay on the couch and mindlessly watch cartoons. However, I had a bunch of friends at this show whom I hadn’t seen in while, so I got off the couch, put some pants on, grabbed my camera, and headed to Anaheim.

As Pity Party took the stage that night, I was thrilled I made it out to that show. This band definitely knows how to bring it to a live show, and their vocalist, Sarah, keeps the crowd alive. From the first song of their set until the last, she was so adrenalized: climbing on bass drums, jumping into the crowd, rolling on the floor, and passionately screaming her heart out. It was exciting and refreshing to see a touring band of young punks so intensely into the music. Suffice it to say, Pity Party is the newest band on my seemingly ever-growing list of Bay Area bands that have stolen my heart.



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