Eden Kittiver Photo – Decent Criminal

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Decent Criminal

Nov 17, 2018

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Decent Criminal

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The guys in Decent Criminal were kind enough to take me along for a couple days while they toured up California from San Diego to San Francisco. I caught this shot of their bassist, Jesse, right before their set ended at Bottom of the Hill in SF.

The room was packed, despite competing with Alkaline Trio who were playing the city on the same day. A lot of the crowd was filled with Decent Criminal’s local fans in the Bay Area, so people were singing along and having a great time. I love how this photo captures the crowd—those bright colors and dragged light make it look like a whole new world.

After Decent Criminal’s set, I watched The Flatliners for the third night in a row, then bid farewell to my van-mates from the weekend.

Thanks again to Decent Criminal for having me out! Look out for some cool new music from these guys!


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