Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Dead to Me

Dec 10, 2016

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As much as the feminist in me would hate to admit it, I’m definitely guilty of listening to a band to impress a guy. As anyone who’s done this before could tell you, this technique is almost destined to fail; but one time I got lucky and came across a really great band called Dead To Me.

Of course, by the time I started listening, the guys in Dead To Me had disbanded and I was in a situation where I thought I’d never get the chance to hear their catchy melodies and pop(ish) punk riffs in person. But a year later when the band announced a new EP (and a release show to accompany), I was beyond stoked.

There are bands that are fun to listen to alone in the car and there are bands who know how to put on a great show. Then there are bands like Dead To Me who can do both.

I don’t recommend listening to a band to impress someone, but I do recommend listening to Dead To Me’s new EP


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