Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Cayetana

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Cayetana

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Earlier this year when I went to see one of my favorite bands, Lemuria, I discovered another really great one. Cayetana is a three-piece, feminist, indie punk band that reminds me slightly of the band Sports, mixed with all the good qualities of The Front Bottoms.

It’s easy to say that after that show I fell in love with Cayetana. I bought a copy of their full length CD for my boyfriend and asked him to learn the lyrics so we could sing along together. For a good two months, I listened to nothing but this band and the “related artists” on their Spotify page. Their songs are catchy and deep at the same time, with a driving beat and a beautifully intriguing voice.

Eventually, I got around to listening to their new album, New Kind Of Normal, and I became obsessed all over again. Their first album was incredible, but this one is even better. I can hear how much the band matured in the three years since Nervous Like Me came out. These songs are so personal, but so universally understood at the same time.

I’ll probably be listening to this record for the next couple months, and this band for the rest of my life.