Baron Bandini - Eden Kittiver

Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Baron Bandini

Nov 04, 2017

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I always love discovering a new DIY space, so this show was a super cool one. We drove through Van Nuys until we found the spot, which looked just like the surrounding warehouses except for this one had a couch, bonfire, and a bunch of punks outside.

I went to see Baron Bandini, a three-piece punk band from L.A. Their songs are super catchy and fun. It’s the kind of music you can really yell and scream along with to get out whatever frustrations you have. Their music does a great job of blending elements of street punk, with classic elements a little more on the pop side, like the Ramones.

Baron Bandini has a whole grip of new songs lined up and will be releasing them as a full length album early next year.