Eden Kittiver Photo Column – Bad Cop/ Bad Cop

Mar 25, 2017

(click for full size)

I’m starting to notice a trend in my photo columns, seeing that three out of four of them featured bands on Fat Wreck Chords. It’s cool though because all these bands seriously rule, and Bad Cop/ Bad Cop’s three-piece harmonies and catchy hooks are nothing short of kick-ass. Not to mention, I have a soft spot for an all-girl “Lady Boss” band and Bad Cop/ Bad Cop kill it live.

I only just took this photo recently, but I already think it will be one of my all-time favorites. Throughout their set, I was enthralled by the chemistry these women shared and was nearly unable to put my camera down, constantly anticipating another wild face or guitar/bass synergy like in the photo. It really seems to capture the vibe of VLHS that night: loud, carefree, and passionate!