Dec 03, 2020

Whatever early punk rock wasn’t mined by Killed by Death or Bloodstains Over… records was perhaps overlooked for a reason. This is a long lost album from 1980 that’s more rock’n’roll than it is punk rock and, really, if it was released in 1970 it might have struck a chord. But by 1980 this primitive form of raw rock’n’roll had been done many times over and much better. Even the inclusion of the MC5’s Wayne Kramer on lead guitar on every song doesn’t save this from mediocrity. All of that said, I fully support the all-inclusive documentation of rock’n’roll music, so this reissue does have value. Plus, the song “Lady in Waiting” is great and would actually have been a killer inclusion on Killed by Death #5. –Chad Williams (HoZac, hozacrecords.com)