EDDIE AND THE SUBTITLES: Skeletons in the Closet: LP

Sep 22, 2022

Eddie Subtitle was a fixture on Orange County’s nascent punk scene, serving as the Adolescents’ manager at some point, if I’m not mistaken, and as a musician. This, his band’s 1981 debut album, is a crucial bit of sonic candy brimming with that early O.C. punk sound that made household names of Social Distortion and damned near any band Rikk Agnew’s ever been in—new wave, pop and, yes, rockabilly—all of it done with a sincerity in the delivery that somehow makes it all work as a cohesive whole. Having not been officially reissued on vinyl since it originally came out, this is simultaneously a great listen and a fine peek back at a time when punk/hardcore’s “rules” had not yet been firmly cemented and the experimentation and creativity that informed what came out of O.C. later were still being bandied about. Good stuff here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Slovenly, slovenly.com)

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