ECHO SPRING: Self-titled: EP

Mar 20, 2018

During finals last semester, one of my TAs let me in on a secret: He can tell by the end of the first paragraph of a paper whether he’ll give it a passing or failing grade. I’ve been writing about music for a few years now, and I’ve gotta say that the same rule applies to reviewing; I know whether I’ll love or loathe a record within the first twenty or so seconds of the opening song. And after listening to the first few bars of Echo Spring’s self-titled EP, I could tell that it would be my favorite new release. Part punk, part hardcore, part emo (think Rites Of Spring), Echo Spring wields tortured, discordant melodies like a weapon. Singer Corey Duran’s cacophonous vox are the perfect accompaniment to Fugazi-inspired guitar and the tightest drum and bass section this side of the Mississippi. I’m excited to see where these Denton, Texas, cats go. RECOMMENDED x100,000.

–Simone Carter (Sarcophagus Club, [email protected]