EAT MY SHORTS, $5, 5½” x 9”, black and white, 40 pgs.

Nov 15, 2022

A comic featuring three automobile tales by Chris Resnick. The standout story “Revenge” takes place in the 1980s and centers around two sassy skater kids. After an altercation with a good ol’ boy at a diner, the kids end up skating for their lives to out-skate a truck. The other two stories I didn’t quite understand but they involved driving around in the dead of night. I think Resnick was going with a more artistic approach to those two stories—lots of close-ups and heavy use of black ink. The comic is worth the five dollars just for the twenty-nine page “Revenge” story. It’s definitely reminiscent of the stories in Skyline #1, also by Resnick. –Rick V. (

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