EAST VILLAGE INKY, THE, #65 (Dec. 2021), $3, 5½” x 4¼”, 40 pgs.

Mar 15, 2022

Like the kitchen it purports to catalog (and does), this zine is rife with bric-a-brac. What starts as a tour of said kitchen from family portraits on the wall to Simpsons Monopoly pieces still collected also includes recipes for a pumpkin pie smoothie bowl and all-purpose cleaner alike. In typical East Village Inky (and perzine at large) fashion, purpose becomes digression quickly and you wonder “just why am I supposed to care about this?” But such is the perzine, a tried-and-true method of archiving the smallest details of our insignificant lives and making them significant: you find yourself caring anyways, and it’s a wonder that you can reproduce and carry so many ephemeral details of a life in your pocket, let alone send it out to devoted readers. Significance is dead, long live insignificance… –jimmy cooper (1270 5th Ave. #7D, New York, NY 10029, ayunhalliday.com/the-east-village-inky)

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