EAST VILLAGE INKY, THE #64, $3, 4¼” x 5½”, photocopied, 40 pgs.

Jan 06, 2022

This issue of The East Village Inky celebrates something I’ve loved since I was a kid: the mail! Mail art, penpals, vintage stamps, and how to get the most bang for your buck when shipping are all addressed. Zinester Ayun reminisces about delivering mail while working at a sleep away camp, the young campers’ letters home, and their responses from their parents (also things parents should maybe stay away from writing to their children while they’re away from home). One of the best parts of the issue talks about having a Japanese penpal as a child, and wondering what they’re up to now, something that was really startling for me to read as I also had a Japanese penpal when I was a kid (and yeah, what is she doing these days I wonder?). I’ve always loved receiving letters in the mail, covering my envelopes with stickers and art, and reading this issue lit a fire under my ass to write some of my friends and family. Especially during this time, little things like a piece of mail or a kind postcard can really change your day. –Tricia Ramos (The East Village Inky, 1270 5th Ave. 7D, New York, NY 10029)

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