EARTHDOGS: Cry Now, Cry Later: 7”

Sep 22, 2022

Putrid, damnable, filth-encrusted grind and powerviolence with a sworn allegiance to classic black metal, the Bay Area, and, of course, the dark lord. This sort of blasphemous noise can only come from the unholy union between former members of heavyweights such as Never Healed, California Love, and Acephalix. The artwork is a sight to behold: an eight page booklet with lyrics and art for each song. Let’s just say if you ever flipped through Lowrider and went straight for the letters section then you will approve. The first pressing is a measly three hundred copies so don’t fucking sleep on this. Real ones already own a copy. –Juan Espinosa (625 Thrash, / To Live A Lie,

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