EARTH FIRST! WINTER 2016/2017, $6.50, 8” x 10½”, 72 pgs.

May 31, 2017

Earth First! is a journal of ecological resistance. What was new this winter? Well, incarcerated presidential candidate Sean Swain used his column to concede Trump’s win. But not so fast—Swain concedes only on the basis that he “knew [Trump] would make an even worse president” than himself. Is this “the end of swivilization” as we know it? We await Swain’s thoughts this spring. Also included are unwincing looks at government abuse of activists at Standing Rock. And to even the scale, a pretty neat guide to sabotaging the type of heavy construction vehicles in that general vicinity. I bet everyone but me knows this, but sand in the gears is a big one. And bleach in the gas tank. Finally, we had the Oscars and the Grammys, now bring on the Wolves & Poodles awards. Earth First! gives Wolves to the brave and Poodles go to the bourgeoisie. Who won this issue? A Poodle went to Jill Stein for using Standing Rock as a photo-op, and Wolf went to the man who got schnookered, stole Walter Palmer’s boat (dentist who shot a lion while on vacation) and wrecked it. An enlightening and entertaining read, even if you’re not an anarchist. –Jim Joyce (Daily Planet Publishing, Earth First! Journal, PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460)