EARTH FIRST!, Fall, 2016, $6.50, 8 ½” x 11”, 88 pgs.

Jan 18, 2017

If have heard anything at all about Earth First!, then you know all about this publication, their “Journal of Ecological Resistance.” This zine is loaded with information about direct action and sabotage that goes on around the world in the name of protecting land, water, animals, and their habitats. This issue also includes a six-page interview with Tim Rusmisel, who I have heard speak a number of times at DIY shows in the Los Angeles area. His project, Proyecto Huella, does beach cleanup and sea turtle protection in Central America. It was great to see his face and his wonderful work mentioned in print. Also included are book and music reviews, poetry, and black and white photographs dedicated to saving our home planet and fighting against the assholes who seem hell-bent on destroying it. –Jon Mule (Earth First! Journal, PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460)

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