EARTH FIRST! 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, $12, 8” x 10”, full color glossy magazine, 88 pgs.

Jan 06, 2022

A celebration of four decades of Earth First! Within this beautiful glossy magazine we see collages of photos throughout the years, scans of old newsletters, poetry, and a general history of their direct action. Reading through the pages felt like peeking into someone’s scrapbook. This environmental movement wasn’t the first Earth-centric group, but their movement is still going (despite multiple moves of their home base and different formats of newsletters). The issue opens with the origin story of Earth First!, a timeline of the first three years, and a scanned document of the original mission statement. We’ve got articles from the 1980s, the 1990s, personal accounts from members past, advice on how to keep momentum of action in the face of disastrous climate change, and specific stories of long-term accomplishments. It was interesting to read a “where are they now” of the first organizers and how they feel decades later. Despite growing pains in the early days, and the overall general whiteness of their group, we need supporters of nature, animals, and the earth, and I’m glad they’re still at it. –Tricia Ramos (Earth First!, PO Box 411892, Kansas City, MO 64141)

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