E.T.: Cyber Bully: CS

May 20, 2019

E.T. aka E:/mail T:/rouble (a nod to the staple John Waters film, Female Trouble) are queer/trans punks from Minneapolis with a minimalist yet refreshing take on synth/dance punk. I can hear everything from Peaches-gone-anarcho to Berlin/Glass Candy rhythms and even traces of high energy/disco music. The internet/digital age is the prevalent theme lyrically but is obviously served with a grain of salt: this is electronic music after all. If you’re of the age to remember when you could only access the internet with a land-line telephone then this album will surely remind you of just how fast technology has advanced and simultaneously terrify you at the thought of what’s to come. Did you forget, after all, that you have a tiny computer in your pocket at this very moment tracking your every move? Good stuff. –Juan Espinosa (Self-released, e-t-music.bandcamp.com)